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R.B. Verhoeven - Interim Management

Roel Verhoeven is an interim manager with a large network who takes care of temporary financial, administrative and commercial assignments from Business Control, CFO to CEO level. Thanks to a proactive attitude and hands on mentality there will be efficiently worked, resulting in structural solutions, where the results are quickly visible.
Setting up your legal entity in the Netherlands is possible. This may have tax advantage for non-Dutch companies.

Because of his excellent knowledge on the area's below, he is able to make rapidly progress:

  1. Sales
  2. Logistics
  3. Setting up (start-up) companies inclusive Administrative Organization / Internal Control (AO/IC)
  4. Create and maintain the budgets and forecasts
  5. Setup of new ERP systems like Navision, Exact, SAP
  6. Creating financial and business management analyses
  7. Setup of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Transport Management System, Excise Movement and Control System, Business Intelligence, etc.


LinkedIn Profile: Roel Verhoeven